I want to start out by saying that choosing the right kind of "box", with the right kind of coaches, is one of the major keys to success in CrossFit. I researched CrossFit for over a year before I actually started.
I had heard of all the injuries and negativity from people who thought they knew about CrossFit when really, they were just spectators. I read how non active some coaches could be, and how you could injure yourself, and never comeback from it. Well, that isnt exactly true if you have the proper technique, and the awesome coaches at NFX.

From the very beginning the coaches have been on top of everything we do, from warming up to wall balls to Olympic lifts. To say they care would be an understatement. They work with you, train you, and care about you not only through CrossFit to prevent injuries, but in everyday life. Our gym is family and you can feel it when you walk through the door.

"Our gym is family and you can feel it when you walk through the door."

I have been given nutrition and exercise guidelines my whole adult life, and have had trainers and even been a personal trainer myself, and have never seen the support and instruction like what we get at NFX. They have the education and determination to make it the best box there is. Ryan, the owner, told me the first day that this wasn't for everybody and I should be ready to work my ass off. Well, he wasn't kidding. I have literally done just that. Losing 30 pounds in a year! Feeling better, looking better, and being stronger has changed my life.

Looking back, I was overweight after my second pregnancy. I had been in the same gym routine every week with the same workouts every week - seeing no results. Now I am leaner and stronger, and have the confidence to face anything that is thrown at me with strength, determination, and perseverance because of the tools learned at CrossFit. All aspects of my life have gotten better.

"All aspects of my life have gotten better."

I began with On Ramp to learn the movements and see how the classes worked, and then slowly transitioned myself into daily classes. I have become addicted to our gym and the family-type atmosphere that we have built there. Everyone comes in everyday ready to work their butts off and does just that. We set goals and believe in eachother, then we crush our goals. Priority is key. To be successful at anything, you must make it a priority. There are teammates that believe in me as much as I believe in myself and more; they keep me on track. They give me the encouragement, motivation, and drive to complete the workouts and goals in everyday life.

To say that my life has been touched by this gym is an understatement. I am thankful for them helping me reach my fitness goals and exceed them in every way possible. I'm thankful for knowledgeable coaches and the programming that they work so hard on to prepare us for the Open and our regular competitions. And, I'm thankful for my NFX family. IF you haven't checked out CrossFit, then you should, for many more reasons than you could ever think!

"To say that my life has been touched by this gym is an understatement."

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