With CrossFit gyms on the rise across the country, choosing a "box" is no longer a matter of which one is closest, but which one is the best. And being the best means having consistently good coaching and goal oriented programming.

NFX's 2016 CrossFit Open preparation is in full swing and includes Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, kettle bell training, and endurance training - all at high intensity intervals. And if you want to make every rep really count, we stress a simple whole foods diet. This combination is will burn fat, increase work capacity, improve fitness, and build strength.

We emphasize strength training because it's the best way to improve overall performance. Our programming is created by our coaches and is customized to prepare us for the Open and competition season. We follow specific 6-12 week programs designed for max gains and peak athlete development.

Ryan and the NFX coaches make this "box" special. They create a place where you can escape the real world, sweat out frustrations, feel unconditionally accepted, constantly challenged, and always welcomed.

We have recently moved! We're located at 8700 Main Street Frisco, TX 75033  and are open for business. Contact Ryan if you are interested in trying us out!

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