North Frisco CrossFit

NFX is about supporting one another, having fun together, and working hard. We are a chosen family for our members, Kingdom men and women doing life together. We strive to be true to the CrossFit fundamentals of community and "MCI" (mechanics, consistency, and then intensity).

With CrossFit gyms on the rise all over North Dallas, choosing a "box" is no longer a matter of which one is closest, but which one is the best. And being the best means having consistently good coaching and goal oriented programming.

NFX's programming focuses on the Theoretical Hierarchy Development of an Athlete, which includes nutrition, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weight lifting, and the sport of CrossFit. An hour class will include all of these things in intervals. This combination will burn fat, increase work capacity, improve fitness, and build strength.

Ryan and the NFX coaches make this "box" special. They create a place where you can escape the real world, sweat out frustrations, feel unconditionally accepted, constantly challenged, and always welcomed.

We're located at 8700 Main Street Frisco, TX 75033. Contact Ryan if you are interested in trying us out! 703-926-2081 or contact us through Facebook.