North Frisco CrossFit

Jenna Zapata, Editor in Chief
August 28, 2015, Wakeland Access News

Sweat dripped down exhausted faces, the sounds of heavy breathing and yells of motivation filled the hot air, looks of determination scanned the room for the next challenge. A laugh cut the tense air and everyone smiled. Senior Julia Mendieta greeted everyone she saw with high fives and big smiles. Mendieta has been working out at North Frisco Crossfit since she moved to Frisco from Georgia two years ago.

“I didn’t do Crossfit before I moved here,” Mendieta said. “My parents did and I never entertained the thought until I came to Frisco, and once I came out here, within the first two weeks of moving, I became completely dedicated to it.”

Mendieta works out six days a week, for anywhere from one and a half to three hours. She also babysits at the gym and has built close bonds with the gym members.  She views them as her aunts and uncles and calls her Coach Ryan Adam “Papa Ryan”. Mendieta views him as her second father and tries her best to perfect every challenge he throws at her.

“Most kids who are pretty athletic and are going to work out are usually involved in so much sports that they don’t do outside training or outside work outs because there is not enough time for it, but Julia is one of those ones who always puts the extra time and extra work in,” Coach and owner Ryan Adam said. “She is already highly motivated by herself with everything that she wants to do.”

Crossfit has taught Julia to that she can push herself, even when she is at her lowest she is still at your best because she pushed herself to the max.

“Jules is really positive and she works hard, and when the coaches see that they want to push those folks ever harder and even more,” Adam said. “When she first started with us she was a lot younger and a lot quieter and a little bit shy but over time she has grown with the family, just like she has grown the gym has grown with her, and she’s a big part of it now.”

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